If you are like me, then you are probably frustrated to no end with how regular lighters work. Yes, when you first buy the lighter, you will think that it works great. However, you will try to use it a few days later, and it will take you so many flicks of the lighter before you even get a decent flame. And then we have to talk about how these lighters are never going to work when there is even a little bit of wind outside. How are you even meant to use these things consistently?

If you are feeling this frustration with regards to the regular lighters that are on the market, maybe you need to find an alternative. The good news is that there are other options, and you can read about them all at Flamelez. It is a very unique site, because there are not too many websites out there that talk about lighters and the different options that are on the market. If you are a curious person with regards to lighters, or you just hate buying the same old thing each time, we think you are going to love this site. It offers so much unique and interesting information.

In terms of the lighters that are on the market, it is the arc or coil lighters that are going to pique your attention. These are the lighters that are totally unique as compared to the regular ones on the market. For one thing, these lighters do not even have a flame, and there is no fluid in them that is going to get used in order to create the flame. Since there is no lighter fluid, it means the lighter can operate in a totally unique way. These lighters have an electric setup instead of the typical process.

They are coil lighters as they have coils at the very top. Most of these lighters have a double coil, which gives them very good performance. When you press the button on the lighter, you will automatically see a little charge that forms in between the coils. This small charge is the “flame” for the lighter, and it is where you are going to put the item that you want lit up. For instance, if you want to some a cigarette, you will put it in that spot and then press the lighter’s button.


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